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Mackenzie Rowland

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What a weekend!

This weekend was our first fall tournament! My team and I got first place in our bracket and I earned a medal for a 9-0 shut-out and a 10-0 championship game! which was my first perfect game!  My team had my back and we pulled it off!  Excited for what this season holds!

2 Hit shut-out! 10/26/13

The Predators got a \"W\" this weekend....a 2 hit shut! 11-0, 4 k\'s, 0 walks.
So excited to see where this team will be in the spring after some awesome winter work-outs.
We\'re a new team, but a great group of hard-working girls ready to get to the top.

First Middle School win

I got to pitch on Tuesday 9/10/13 and led my team to a \"W\"! My first career middle school win.

This is quite an adventure, improving my skills, making new friends and working as hard as I can to get on the field come game time!

New adventure

So excited! I made the middle school team!
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Piedmont Predators
Thomasville NC
Jersey #12
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Ledford middle school
Jersey #9
GPA: 3.67
Clearinghouse: N
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Ledford High School camp 2013

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